Creativity is intelligence having fun.
— Albert Einstein

Self-Taught Artist

I believe that colour fuels the spirit.
It creates, enhances, changes, reveals, and sparkles, from the inside out. 

I am a self-taught artist — creating since before the age of five. As a child, I was inspired by the famous painter, Bob Ross. Every time his show aired, as most kids intently watched cartoons, I stared, fascinated, as Bob created happy clouds. Then, I'd go off and try it myself.

In my teens, I began watching tv shows that had awesome anime characters which I really wanted to print out and put up as posters in my room. Unfortunately, our computer’s printer never had ink in it. So, I’d pull out a pencil and paper, find a poster or image I liked online, and began drawing them all, one by one. This served as drawing practice. I quickly transitioned to drawing more life-like subjects, such as models in magazines, or, self-portraits. Drawing was always my escape.

As an adult, I decided to really learn how to paint. I began teaching myself after rediscovering lost episodes of Bob Ross’ tv show, and followed along. I now have a collection of unique, hand-painted canvases in my home, awaiting new homes to colour the walls of their new owners.  

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