Movement has always been such an integral part of who I am.

As a child who was obsessed with exploring, climbing, and running as fast as my legs could carry me, growing up to become a a Physical and Health Education teacher was as fitting a professional career as it gets. I played Handball for 11 years, had a wildly active imagination, and loved to experience life through a happy balance between self-discovery, and, detailed organization.

As a Phys.Ed. teacher, my mission was similar to that of my current mission as a Coach: To teach my students the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle, and, inspire them to implement healthy habits and value their wellbeing that well into adulthood. We learned about life and wellness through foundational movement, nutrition classes, cooperative/team building exercises, locomotor and non-locomotor movement games, discovery and guided-learning, and everything in between.

I had the honour of giving back to our community by coaching a sport as an adult that was completely responsible for creating my love for teamwork as a child. I coached our students’ Handball games during lunch hours, after school, and on weekends. I also organized and ran school-wide extra-curricular activities and events year-round.  

I have immense gratitude for my years as an Physical and Health Ed teacher. I had the honour of learning so many valuable life lessons from my students — more than I could have ever imagined!

Online Health and Fitness CEO

A few years into my career, I realized I was stuck in a rut.

I gained unhealthy weight, a negative self-image, and found my career suffering, (getting winded doing the demonstrations during lessons for my students!) I knew I needed to change my lifestyle habits. I had heavy anxiety for working out in public. So, I decided to start working out at home using Beachbody’s tools and programs. 

After completing all 60 days of INSANITY, I lost almost 30lbs, and 19 inches all over and was absolutely blown away at my mental, physical, and emotional transformation. I fell in love. I continued to use Beachbody’s at-home tools to maintain my weight loss and this new, healthier lifestyle. 

I signed up as a Coach in August 2013. By June 2014, with a lot of hard work and heart, I left my teaching position to pursue a career of full-time online health and fitness Coaching. I have since had the absolute pleasure of changing hundreds of lives of throughout the United States and Canada ever since!

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